> Upgrade Discounts

Considering a Library upgrade? Whether you’re upgrading from the Vienna Special Editions to the big Vienna Instruments Collections or completing your Instrument Bundles, this June is the perfect time to do it!


Take advantage of lower pricing when you order a more comprehensive product that includes instrument samples you’ve already registered. Upgrades are available:

  • From the Special Editions to Single Instruments
  • From the Special Editions to the big Vienna Instrument Collections
  • From Standard Libraires to Full Libraries for both Single Instruments and Vienna Instrument Collections



Let’s say you already have a few products that are part of a larger bundle. When you add the missing products you can take advantage of Complementary Discounts when you complete the bundle.

Here are a few examples:

  • Complete your Special Edition Sections to Special Edition Volumes.
  • Complete your Special Edition Volumes to Special Edition Bundles.
  • Complete your Single Instruments to Vienna Instruments Collections.
  • Complete your Vienna Instruments Collections to Bundles, such as Strings Complete, the Symphonic Cube, or the Vienna Super Package.

Please note that in order to take advantage of the Complementary Discounts, you need to purchase the Bundle at the discounted price, not the individual Collections you’re missing (or the Collection, not the individual Single Instruments).

Once you’re logged in on our website, all of your registered products will be automatically taken into account and the 20% discount will be applied to your personal upgrade or complementary price!

This offer applies to all Library products, not to the upgrade paths and complementary discounts of our Software products.