Vienna Software Products

The production of orchestral music on a computer requires more than musical skills. The complexity of the technical workflow in the studio is a constant challenge for music professionals and hobbyists alike. That’s why the Vienna Symphonic Library team has developed powerful and easy to use software solutions, some of them tailor-made for our own Vienna Instruments, others as general problem solvers in any digital audio production studio.

Vienna Instruments PRO is the next generation of our proprietary sample player. It provides many revolutionary features that will not only make your creative process faster and easier, but also add human behavior to your music.

With the optional MIRx Reverb Mixing Extensions you can integrate the stunning acoustics of renowned concert halls and sound stages with your Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments PRO players.

The mixing and host software Vienna Ensemble PRO is the first MIDI and audio LAN solution that works universally on Macs and PCs, hosting Vienna Instruments as well as 3rd party VSTi (PC), AU (Mac) instruments and effect plug-ins.

Vienna MIR PRO is the first of its kind – a holistic solution that lets you mix and reverberate your Vienna Instruments more like a conductor than an audio-engineer. Vienna MIR PRO 24 is a reduced price version of Vienna MIR PRO with a limitation of 24 instruments, ensembles and audio signals. You may select your acoustic spaces for Vienna MIR PRO / MIR PRO 24 from various RoomPacks.

The plug-in bundle Vienna Suite offers eleven high precision audio processing tools for mixing and mastering, with hundreds of presets for Vienna Instruments.